Jack Murphy

Jack completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Art History and now works as an account planner at DDB New Zealand.

Jack Murphy

“My job involves finding the right communications strategy to create an effective ad campaign, based on insights around the brand, target audience and business problem.

“Coming into advertising with a background in History and Art History gave me a useful point of difference and wider perspective compared to people who had studied pure marketing. The good thing about being an account planner is that anything and everything can be useful in coming up with a strategy, and I regularly make use of my knowledge of history, film, fiction and art.

“My BA taught me to think critically and to see that there isn’t always one ‘right’ answer for every problem. My study gave me a slightly more well-rounded perspective on the world and honed my communication skills, both of which are fairly vital in advertising!

“Just because you start out doing one thing doesn’t mean that it will end up being your career. One of the great things about an Arts degree is the range of different places it can lead you. Often it will be something you never saw yourself in but actually turns out to be a great fit.”

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