Christie McFadyen

Christie completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Sociology and History and now works as a Local Board Advisor at the Auckland Council.

Christie McFadyen

“My current role is as a Local Board Advisor for the Auckland Council. Working with the local boards means that every day is different. All in a day I could be writing a report for the board, attending a regular workshop or meeting with the elected members, and going on a site visit to ascertain the scope of a project.

“My double major in Sociology and History taught me the importance of considering social and historical context in decision making. As a key part of my advisory role I need to be critically thinking of context and the implications a decision may have.

“Studying in the Faculty of Arts equipped me with skills and knowledge that are valuable in the current job market. Alongside critical thinking, I also gained the ability to analyse data and communicate effectively, skills which I use as a regular part of my role.”

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