Ashlee Beazley

Ashlee completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws conjoint in History.

Ashlee Beazley

“I loved the enormously talented teaching staff that I was privileged to learn from while studying History at the University of Auckland. Their enthusiasm for their particular subjects was unparalleled, and it made you enthusiastic to learn from them.

“Also, the wide variety of papers available in the Faculty of Arts allow you to take subjects you are really interested in, and to learn about those you initially know little about.

“The study I undertook for my Bachelor of Arts taught me to research effectively, to analyse, and to turn what I learn into a piece of written work. The ability to interpret and communicate complex information is a skill I value highly.

“I have learnt how to properly explain myself, how to make a convincing argument, and — perhaps most importantly — that there is typically no black and white answer to a problem, but instead, lots of grey.

“My study has made me more open-minded and willing to consider different perspectives on a matter or idea.

“A BA teaches you valuable analytical and communication skills that extend far beyond your areas of interest. It helps you become an effective and eloquent communicator, one who can properly appreciate information. It teaches you to question the world around you, and encourages you to make your own mind up.

“Finally, I’d encourage anyone who is interested to consider spending a semester studying abroad on exchange. I spent a semester studying at the University of Glasgow, and loved it – in fact, studying in the United Kingdom was what prompted me to apply to study for my masters at the University of Oxford, something I would not have considered without the Auckland 360° Abroad Programme.”

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