Anders Falstie-Jensen

Anders completed a Master of Arts in Drama and is now a Producer for Auckland Live.

Anders Falstie-Jensen

“Doing my MA became my first point of contact with theatre industry professionals. It was through a guest tutor that I got my first job, so the course became my unexpected foot in the door.

“I loved the mix of academic work and highly practical work. For me the balance was just right. I got a really solid understanding of all the nitty gritty aspects involved with staging theatre along with an ability to analyse and assess the work we put on.

“Most importantly the course gave me the confidence to go out and create my own theatre work immediately after graduating and it was all done with people I met through my course. We all just decided to get into it and get our hands dirty. The best way to learn, well, for me anyway.

“The network and contacts I made through my time at the University of Auckland are useful in my working life. I work sometimes with, sometimes for, a lot of people I met while I did my course.

“Part of my job consists of programming theatre productions for Auckland Live and what I enjoy the most is the huge variety of artists I deal with on a regular basis. It’s very rewarding to be able help artists that range from both senior to emerging with realising their projects.

“Working in theatre is unlikely to make you rich so make sure you have as much fun as you can along the way. Work hard, keep your integrity and always treat people with respect. On numerous times I’ve worked for people that I’ve ended up hiring further down the line.”

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