Professor Simon Holdaway

"I work in several different parts of the world. I have a project in Northern Australia and I have been working for many years in outback New South Wales. Most recently I have been working just south of Giza in Egypt looking at Neolithic material.

"My research deals with how people have involved themselves with changing climates in the past. People tend to think of climate change as a recent phenomenon but, in fact, if we look at Archaeology, we can look at how people have reacted to shifts in the environment, and how the environment has reacted with people, over the long haul. My research in different parts of the world really looks at that involvement.

"I really enjoy having graduate students. It is the chance to work with a mind that is developing. For me it is a huge privilege to work with them and I get huge stimulation from my graduate students. To me they are part of a team approach to doing research. They are valued colleagues and I really enjoy the chance to interact with them in the classroom and out in the field.

"Archaeology is a field-based discipline and it is really essential to get students involved with the research process. That means taking them out into the field for prolonged periods of time - four, five, or six weeks - doing the basic scientific data recording which is an essential part of Archaeology.

"Teaching at university is a research-led exercise. It is really important for people to realise that the teachers at university, the lecturers, are engaged in research and I certainly try to bring that engagement into the classroom so that people feel that they are not only getting information from text books they are also getting state-of-the-art cutting edge research."

Professor Simon Holdaway

Professor Simon Holdaway

School of Social Sciences
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