Dr Julie MacArthur

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

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Dr Julie MacArthur joined Politics and International Relations in July 2013 and hails from Vancouver, Canada. She holds a PhD from Simon Fraser University where she was awarded the Deans Convocation Medal for exceptional achievement during her doctoral career. Her PhD research on renewable electricity co-operatives in Canada is currently being published as a book by UBC Press, forthcoming in 2016. Julie also holds a Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies (UBC). Prior to this postgraduate training, Julie worked in South Korea, Australia, Canada and England in a number of government, research and teaching roles. 

"My doctoral research analyzed how political economy factors of ownership and democratic control intersect with the drive to green electricity across Canadian provinces. It contributes to a growing body of research arguing that the main challenges in building sustainability are political rather than primarily technological.

"I was interested in the role that community controlled electricity co-operatives have played in generating, distributing and building local acceptance of new renewables in a time of great change for provincial power sectors. Over more than four years of interviews with electricity companies and policymakers and analysis of electricity data my doctoral research highlighted the complex relationship between electricity policy, sustainability and community energy development. As atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses continue to hit new highs and global climate talks continue to stall, it is more pressing than ever to understand how Canadians can create more sustainable energy systems.

"My research focus in New Zealand is on comparative environmental policy with an emphasis on renewable energy and democratic institutional innovations. This involves investigating the role of aboriginal and community-based actors in energy projects in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan.

"My work is a way for me to change the world for the better by contributing to informed community mobilization and effective policy-making."

Dr Julie MacArthur

Dr Julie MacArthur

Politics and International Relations
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