Professor Christine Arkinstall

"The research that I have done on Spanish women writers grew out of my teaching in the early 1990s. I developed a course that was very successful on Hispanic women writers. That research led me back to the late 19th century in an attempt to delve into what really lies behind the different situations that I am looking at in the 20th century.

"I think that my research is important because of the teaching-research nexus which I believe in very passionately. I think that my research is interesting because I have always refused to take given answers and I want to probe more deeply into what has already been said.

"In a postgraduate student I look for passion and commitment because I feel that passion is the most fundamental element that will carry any student or any scholar through a long-term research project.

"So I am not very interested in whether a student is optimally prepared at the beginning of embarking on a long-term research project, but I am interested in whether I can perceive that passion.

"What I am most interested in in teaching and supervision is the journey of self-discovery and mutual discovery that research takes us on.

"I believe that supervision is a mutually enriching experience and I want my students to feel the same fun and pleasure that I experience when we engage in aspects of culture and literature."

Professor Christine Arkinstall

Professor Christine Arkinstall

Professor of Spanish
School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics
Phone: + 64 9 373 7599 ext 84945

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