Germanica Pacifica Series

The Centre’s academic series Germanica Pacifica (Peter Lang, Frankfurt) continues, with the publication of Volume 13, 14 and 15 in 2014-2016. Germans in Tonga, consisting of short biographies of 377 Germans in Tonga born over a 110-year period, between 1822 and 1932, and with a 17-page introduction by Professor James Bade on the historical background to the German connection, together with prefaces by the Tongan Minister of Internal Affairs, Lord Vaea, and the Honorary Consul for Germany in Tonga, Carl Sanft, appeared in 2014. Volume 14, edited by Associate Professor Friedrich Voit, also appeared in 2014: Eine Wiederbegegnung im neuseeländischen Exil: Der Briefwechsel von Karl Wolfskehl mit Otti und Paul Binswanger (1939-1948). Karl Hanssen’s Memoirs of his Wartime Experiences in Samoa and New Zealand 1915-1916, edited by James Bade and with a comprehensive introduction by Bronwyn Chapman on the political and historical background to the memoirs, appeared in 2016 as Volume 15 of Germanica Pacifica. Volume 12, The Race Question in Oceania: A. B. Meyer and Otto Finsch between MetropolitanTheory and Field Experience, 1865-1914 by Hilary Susan Howes (2013), has received excellent reviews in the Historical Records of Australian Science, 25:2 (2014), by Amanda Lourie (Deakin University) and the Journal of Pacific History, 49:3 (2014), by Ricardo Roque (University of Lisbon/University of Sydney). Volume 9 in the series, Christine Winter’s monograph Looking After One’s Own: The Rise of Nationalism and the Politics of the Neuendettelsauer Mission in Australia, New Guinea and Germany, also received a very positive review in the Australian Journal of Politics and History, 59:3 (2013), by Stewart Firth (Australian National University).

Ludwig Haas Publication 

Professor Bade was invited to a meeting in Berlin on 25 August 2014 chaired by Professor Andreas Schulz, General Secretary, Commission for the History of Parliamentiarism and Political Parties (KGParl), and Professor Ewald Grothe, Director of Archives, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Gummersbach, at the KGParl offices. The meeting was attended by Dr Volker Stalmann, also of the KGParl, together with Anthony Haas (from Wellington) and his wife Tricia Donnelly, regarding the desirability of a research project on Anthony’s grandfather Ludwig Haas, leader of the German Democratic Party (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) from 1928 to 1930. Professor Bade was invited to contribute to a volume of essays on Haas to be published by the Commission for the History of Parliamentiarism and Political Parties in Berlin in 2017.

Historical German Scientific Connections with New Zealand

Dr Braund is currently following three main lines of research in this area: the natural history fieldwork of Johann Reinhold Forster and George Forster in New Zealand in 1773 and 1774; Ferdinand von Hochstetter, Julius von Haast and the scientific discussion of the moa (Dinornithiformes) in the nineteenth century; and the German correspondents of pioneer New Zealand botanist and ecologist Leonard Cockayne, and their influence on his work.