Suzy Morrissey

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Suzy Morrissey is a Research Associate at the University of Auckland. Her research interest is women's inequality, in particular women in paid employment, and the tax and transfer system. She is currently researching tax and gender equality (paid parental leave) for her PhD.

Suzy is a public servant, with a number of years’ experience as a policy manager at The Treasury, and was previously a Chartered Accountant with Big Four accounting firms in Melbourne.


Published Articles:

Morrissey, S. (2017). Implicit Gender Bias in GST Systems – New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy Volume 23(1) pp37-48

Reilly, A. and Morrissey, S. (2016). Why New Zealand should introduce paid 'Dad and Partner Leave' - New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations Volume 41(3) pp66-75