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People’s Media Venezuela (2012) 30min. Spanish with English subtitles.
Producers: Kathryn Lehman, Geraldene Peters

People’s Media Venezuela presents a way of thinking about the role of participatory media in social transformation, by providing interviews with comunicadores sociales from different areas of the country who describe media projects that have released the energy, creativity and humour of diverse local communities constructing democracy amidst social change. For example, David Hernández-Palmar, Leiqui Uriana and Jorge Montiel (Wayuu) describe how their communities are using media for Indigenous self-determination. David visited Aotearoa in December 2011 to lead a workshop on Indigenous peoples and participatory media. Screened at LASA, San Francisco 2012.

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People's Media Venezuela

Videotapes and films

LEHMAN, K. and G. Peters, Producers, C. Valdivieso, Editor. Indigenous Rights in Venezuela (2009) 15min. Spanish with English subtitles. Screened at the Seminar on Indigenous Peoples and the State, Auckland, 2009.

LEHMAN, K. and N. Tomas, Producers, J. McClutchie, Editor. Language and Law of the Land: Tangata Whenua and Mapuche (2008) Spanish with English subtitles. Series of four shorts filmed in Chile for the CEPAL Seminar (2006) on Globalization, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples and the Temuco Seminar on Indigenous Leadership.

1) ‘UN Presentation: Law and Land in Aotearoa’
2) ‘Language and Law of the Land: Tangata Whenua, Mapuche and Apache in Wallmapu’
3) ‘Interview with Francisco Caquilpán’
4) ‘Mapu Ñuke/Papatuanuku/Madre Tierra/Mother Earth’

TOMAS, N. Director. K. Lehman and N. Tomas, Producers. Conversations about Indigenous Human Rights Three 30min. interviews by Nin Tomas with Prof. Jose Aylwin (Chile) Prof. Felipe Gómez Basque Country) Prof James Anaya (USA) on indigenous rights. English. University of Auckland 2007.

Chapters / Articles / Published proceedings

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LEHMAN, K. (2015) “Encrucijadas anticolonialistas y soberanía indígena: Repensar el imperio desde la periferia en También la lluvia (2010).”  Encrucijadas globales: Repensar España en el Siglo XXI. Madrid: Editorial Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 207-230.

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LEHMAN, K. (2008) Translation of C. Rodriguez, J Vega and A Cadavid. Citizens’ and Community Media Evaluation Manual. Used to evaluate the effectiveness of community media in high conflict areas (Colombia).

LEHMAN, K., BRAVO, A, VALDIVIESO, C. (2008) Translation of Nin Tomas ‘Los derechos del pueblo Māori en Aotearoa/Nueva Zelanda’ In Globalización, derechos humanos y pueblos indígenas. Observatorio de Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas, Temuco, Chile, 206-233.

LEHMAN, K., BRAVO, A., VALDIVIESO, C. (2007) Translation of Robert Pouwhare. Tuhoe. Una historia de resistencia. Screened at the Festival de Documentalistas Tres Continentes and throughout Venezuela, November.

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LEHMAN, K. and MORRISON, K., (2005) Translation of Jeannette Paillán Wallmapu (Documentary 40min. 2004) First screened on Maori Television in 2005.