2014 NZCLAS events

NZCLAS ENLACES Summer Seminars

February 2014

NZCLAS and ENLACES (Engaging Latin American Culture, Education and Students) organized the Summer Seminar on The Construction of Latin America as a Geoliterary, Sociopolitical Chronotope. The seminar was organized by students and staff of NZCLAS and ENLACES to provide University of Auckland students, staff and community with access to the works of distinguished Latin American scholars, and to enhance cooperation and collaborative research among people interested in Latin American studies at The University of Auckland. Six interdisciplinary presentations of current research on Latin America, by three students and two staff members of the NZCLAS were delivered. Also presenting was Professor Luciano Andrenacci, the current Academic Director of the Postgraduate Programme of the FLACSO, the Latin American Social Sciences Institute; he was also a Visiting Researcher in the Centre for Development Studies.

Workshop: “Indigenous Rights, Privatisation and Research in Aotearoa–New Zealand and Latin America”

May 2014

Professor Claudio Fuentes and Dr Maite de Cea (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile) and Dr Luis Angosto-Ferrández (the University of Sydney), organized by the James Henare Research Centre and NZCLAS.

This workshop created an opportunity to address an intellectual gap perceived by the organisers regarding the indigenous-focused research emerging out of Aotearoa-New Zealand. While many indigenous-focused research collaborations exist between New Zealand, and Pacific and North American scholars, there is little collaboration between New Zealand and Latin American scholars.   As New Zealanders and, in particular Māori New Zealanders, are forced to grapple with the emergent impacts of electricity generation privatisation, agri-business expansion and increased resource extraction in our country (and in Māori territories) it seems prudent to develop research collaborations with Latin American scholars whose States rapidly introduced similar market-driven initiatives in the 1990s.  We can learn much from their experience and research expertise.  Likewise, our knowledge of progressing Māori Treaty claims and indigenous rights is beneficial to our Latin American colleagues where, in countries such as Chile, indigenous rights are in a much weakened state.

Our workshop brought together Māori and non-Māori scholars from various disciplines at the University of Auckland and scholars from Chile, Venezuela and Colombia. We were fortunate to have three international contributors presenting at our workshop. They were: Professor Claudio Fuentes and Dr Maite de Cea from Universidad Diego Portales and Dr Luis Angosto-Ferrández from the University of Sydney.

Seminar series: Democracy, Revolution and Geopolitics in Latin America: Venezuela and the International Politics of Discontent

Associate Professor of Anthropology Luis F. Angosto Ferrández, Spanish and Latin American Studies, the University of Sydney.

Book launch: Democracy, Revolution, and Geopolitics in Latin America

This timely volume edited by Dr Luis F. Angosto Ferrández (Routledge, 2014), introduces new perspectives on the geopolitical analysis of current Venezuelan and Latin American affairs. Contributors analyse Venezuelan foreign policy and its role in continental projects of supranational integration, and provide an original explanation of the electoral victories of Hugo Chávez in 2012 and Nicolás Maduro in 2013 in terms of geopolitical implications.

Documentary screening

People’s Media Venezuela, produced by Kathryn Lehman, Geraldene Peters, Josie McClutchie, Mairi Gunn. Venezuela is a world leader in establishing participatory media practices, as described in the interviews of this documentary (30 min.)

Latin American Studies in the Context of the Cold War: New Approaches and Revisionist Considerations of the Field

August 2014

NZCLAS was invited to take part in this seminar organized by Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, to mark the 50 years since the creation of the Association of Latin American Studies (LASA). The seminar brought 18 researchers together for an intense series of research-focused debates, linking the University of Auckland to partner universities such as the University of California at Davis, UC San Diego, the Universidad Diego Portales, the University of Wisconsin, and University College, London among others. Dr Lehman and Associate Professor Pino-Ojeda co-authored the essay “Latin American Studies in the South Pacific: Between Social Democracy and Neoliberalism Downunder”, and Dr Lehman participated in the seminar. The result was the organisation of two follow-up panels held at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) meeting in Puerto Rico, 27-30 May, 2015, in preparation for the publication of this work.

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13th Latin America and Spain Film Festival

September 2014

This festival is organised by the Spanish Embassy and all the Latin American embassies in New Zealand.

Third Postgraduate Symposium on Latin America

October 2014

This year there were 7 presentations, gathering postgraduate students from Anthropology, Politics and International Relations, European Languages and Literatures and the Faculty of Education.

Nuestra América 1900-1960

Talk delivered by Prof. Ana Tissera, Universidad de Córdova, Argentina.

December 2014