2013 NZCLAS events

ENLACES-NZCLAS Summer Seminar on Travelling Research

February 2013

This seminar brought together three visiting researchers from Latin America (Argentina and Brazil) with NZCLAS staff, PhD students and recent graduates. The Visitors were:

Professor Rosa E.M.D. Penna, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina;

Dr. Luciano Andrenacci, Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM) and

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO); and

Dr. Edna Maria de Araujo, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC)-USA

Visit of Hood Fellow Professor Arturo Arias

March 2013

Professor Arias is a creative writer and specialist in critical theory at the University of Texas at Austin whose contributions to Maya culture are recognised by their claiming him as one of their own. Professor of Latin American Literature, he co-wrote the screenplay for the film El Norte (1984), and edited The Rigoberta Menchú Controversy (2000). Having published six novels in Spanish, with two Casa de las Americas Awards, he was also winner of the Ana Seghers Award for fiction in Germany, and the Miguel Angel Asturias National Award (2008) for Lifetime Achievement in Literature in his native Guatemala.


Public lecture: “Indigenous Transformation in Abya Yala: Rigoberta Menchú and Evo Morales”
 – this was a keynote address open to the public that offered a summary of the ways in which Indigenous peoples in Abya Yala have transformed the nation and the state from the 1980s to the present.  

Arturo Arias profiled by Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga

Video of the Decolonisation, Research and Indigenous Peoples Today Hui

Arturo Arias interviewed on Radio NZ National.

Research symposium: “Decolonisation, Research and Indigenous Peoples Today”– This smaller research-focused seminar included Professor Arias, Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Dr. Kathryn Lehman, Dr. Underhill-Sem and others.

Research workshop: “Indigenous Creativity and Storytelling” - Professor Arias discussed his own writing and that of other Indigenous writers he is researching with eminent Māori writers and artists such as Witi Ihimaera, Robert Sullivan, Anton Blank, and others.


Poetry Reading by Leonel Alvarado, Casa de Las Américas Poetry Award 2013

Leonel Alvarado (Honduras) has published Vida y obra de Bulnes el memorioso (2007),  Diario del odio (Premio Latinoamericano de cuento “Letras de Oro”, 1996); El reino de la zarza (Premio Latinoamericano de poesía “EDUCA”, 1993); Sombras de hombres (Premio Centroamericano de ensayo “Rafael Heliodoro Valle”, 1992); Casa vacía (poesía, 1991). He received his PhD from the University of Maryland, USA, and has taught Latin American Literature at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Honduras, University of Maryland, the University of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania and at Massey University since 2001.

The volume Retratos mal hablados received the 2013 Casa de Las Américas Poetry Award, one of the most important Literary Awards in Latin America.


The Chilean Coup 40 Years on: The Globalisation of Neoliberalism and Fear

Photographic exhibition:
25 September - 4 October 2013
The exhibition comprises photographs taken by Luis Velocci while working for the opposition magazine APSI in the 80’s in Chile, and other photographs, anonymous survivors of the savagery of the coup d’état, which were given to the photographer for their reproduction.

These photographs tell bits of stories from very different times in Chile - a democratic government of the people, the threat of the coup, the assault and arson of La Moneda presidential palace, the years of struggle and resistance, the demands for the respect of Human Rights – all bound by the invisible threads of the protagonists who are portrayed while going about their daily lives. Forty years after the coup, these images are mute testimony to the dispossession and inequalities which still await to be addressed.

Looking through the lens of Luis Velocci one can see the pursuit that has characterised his life: in the face of injustice he has searched for justice, for visibility in the face of cover-ups, for fact in the face of fiction - the things which mark the life of individuals and peoples. Poverty, repression, minorities, children and women, are all constant features of his work: the eternal contrast of light and life, the figurative curves that take us back to his native Argentina, to the last decades in Latin America, its suffering and upheaval. There are no signs of hope, as it is a snapshot of the moment – the graphic, journalistic and historic moment.

Documentary screenings:
Introduced and followed by an open discussion.

  • The Battle of Chile: The Insurgency of Bourgeoisie (Patricio Guzmán, 1975; 97'). 30 September 2013.
  • City of Photographers (Sebastián Moreno, 2006; 80’). 1 October 2013.
  • The Judge and the General (Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco, 2008; 84’). 2 October 2013.
  • Nostalgia for the Light (Patricio Guzmán, 2010; 90’). 4 October 2013.

Thursday, 3 October 2013, 5-7pm.

  • The Chilean Coup 40 Years on: Social, economic and political legacies. Águeda Sáez Fick, Chilean Human Rights journalist.
  • Neoliberalism, Memory and Trauma in Latin America: The Periphery Gone Global. Dr Walescka Pino-Ojeda, NZCLAS, the University of Auckland.
  • Societal Hope in Contemporary Chile: Bachelet, the New Social Movements and the Future of Democracy. Dr Paula Pereda, Massey University and FLACSO.

12th  Latin America and Spain Film Festival

August-September 2013

This festival is organised by the Spanish Embassy and all the Latin American embassies in New Zealand.

Second Postgraduate Symposium on Latin America

October 2013

This year there were 7 presentations, gathering postgraduate students from Anthropology, Politics, European Languages and Literatures and the Faculty of Education.