2002-2005 NZCLAS events


Regional Integration, Civil Society and Area Studies Programmes in New Zealand, Australia, the Asia Pacific and Latin America

18 July 2005

In 2005, examples abound of civil society reactions to regional integration processes, ranging from rejection of the European Constitution to the erosion of support for a Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.
The question arises: Is the very idea of regional integration now in question? And can the next phase of globalisation deepen free market and labour reforms without a broader consensus involving civil society?

AM Session: Explore the assumptions that institutions use to construct regions and areas studies historically and under which free trade agreements are negotiated, with reference to the ways in which civil society is related to regional integration from the perspective of institutionalized areas studies programmes. Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, and Development Studies.

PM Session: Focus on APEC along with regional trade agreements from other areas, with special attention to the recently signed Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership.

Looking to Latin America: New Opportunities in Trans-Pacific business


The one-day conference “Looking to Latin America: New Opportunities in Trans-Pacific business” was held at the Northern Club in Auckland in July 2005, with generous support from New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Latin America New Zealand Business Council, and Lan Airlines. The Hon. Phil Goff was the keynote speaker at this conference, which also featured the participation of Marcus Troyjo, a Prime Minister’s fellow, leading scholars from New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, Japan and Korea, and New Zealand officials and business people with years of experience in engaging with Latin America. Their views represented a mixture of perspectives from the academic, business and policy-making worlds.

  • NZCLAS conducted a commissioned investigation for the Ministry of Education under the auspices of Uniservices into “New Zealand’s Education Interests in Latin America.”


  • The Centre Director was a member of the Minister of Education’s Mission to Mexico, Brazil and Chile.
  • NZCLAS co-hosted a joint conference at the Universidad de Chile on globalisation and regional change in New Zealand, Chile and Japan.


  • The Centre held two conferences (on the Argentine crisis and on 18th and 19th century travel narratives).
  • The Centre became a founding member of the Council of Latin American Studies in Asia and Oceania (CELAO).
  • NZCLAS members planned and participated in a University of Auckland delegation to Mexico, Brazil and Chile that led to institutional agreements being signed by the University of Auckland with major universities in these nations.


2-5 October 2002
The Moon in the Mirror
(All films subtitled in English)

Opening night: The Ambassador of Chile, HE Carlos Appelgren will inaugurate the Festival with a complimentary Chilean wine tasting.

Each film will be preceded by a brief presentation by Dr Walescka Pino-Ojeda, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Mexico and New Zealand

17 September 2002

A Bi-National Seminar on Foreign Policy and Disarmament, Political Economy and Trade, Indigenous Development and Contemporary Culture.

Featuring Mexico’s internationally renowned disarmament Ambassador Miguel Marin Bosch, three other senior Mexican scholars and officials, and leading University academics.

A Fesitval of Contemporary Mexican Cinema

22-26 May 2002

Presented by the Embassy of Mexico and the University of Auckland's Latin American Studies Programme.

De ida y vuelta (To and From)
Entre la tarde y la noche (Minerva's Quest)
En el pais de no pasa nada (In the Country Where Nothing Goes On)
Su Alteza serenisima (His Most Serene Highness)
Otaola a la republica del exilio (Otaola or the Republic of Exile)

In association with this festival, His Excellency Jorge Alvarez, Ambassador of Mexico, will deliver an address on "Mexico: Many Mexicos".