COMPASS surveys

We administer the annual International Social Survey Programme, the New Zealand Election Study, and others.

Before we were COMPASS, many of our staff were involved in the National Primary Medical Care Survey (NatMedCa), investigating the activities of doctors and others in primary care. There was always a survey bent in our DNA, and in 2007 we set up the New Zealand Social Science Data Service, an online data repository using NESSTAR software to enable access to and analysis of a number of social surveys that had been conducted in New Zealand, including the New Zealand Election Study (NZES) and the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). In 2011, COMPASS took over the administration of the NZES, and in 2013, the ISSP, and has been contracted to run several other surveys since that time. Now, what we had in NESSTAR is held in the University of Auckland's Figshare repository, and we use the data sets in our own research methods teaching, as well as making them available to other researchers. And we are moving into panel surveys with the establishment of the People's Online Panel of New Zealand (POPNZ).



People's Online Panel of New Zealand

We are establishing a probabilistically-sampled online panel: the People’s Online Panel of New Zealand (POPNZ). POPNZ will enable researchers across different disciplines and organisations to answer key research questions without incurring the time and effort to recruit a sample.


International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

COMPASS has run the ISSP survey for New Zealand since 2013, as the Social Attitudes Survey New Zealand (SASNZ). The ISSP is an annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. Around 48 countries contribute data to the ISSP, and COMPASS became the member for New Zealand officially in 2016.



New Zealand Election Study (NZES)

COMPASS has run the NZES since 2011. The NZES is a post-election mail survey that has been conducted after each general election in New Zealand since 1990, to gauge the attitudes, opinions, and experiences of voters and non-voters alike.

It has monitored the democratic process in New Zealand over a period of social and economic change, including during the transition between the First Past the Post and Mixed Member Proportional electoral systems.

Questionnaires and data sets for the whole of the NZES series are available on Figshare.


Pacific Surveys for those Bereaved by Suicide

COMPASS administered two surveys for Jemaima Tiatia-Seath of Hibiscus Research and the University of Auckland, looking into the experiences of Pacific peoples that had suffered through the suicide of a loved one - the support they had received and the resources they were aware of. Formal providers of support in these cases were surveyed separately about their experiences.



E Tū Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei: Capturing Potential Census 2014

COMPASS administered this survey for Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei through the James Henare Māori Research Centre at the University of Auckland. The questionnaire was designed through a series of hui, aiming to gain a full picture of the lives and experiences of all registered members.



National Primary Medical Care Survey 2001–2002 (NatMedCa)

A number of COMPASS stuff were involved in this survey of the goings-on in the primary healthcare system early in the millennium. A selection of GPs were recruited to report in detail on every fourth patient visit over a two-week period, in terms of things like reasons for visit and diagnoses, investigations undertaken, prescriptions, and background demographics. Data dumps from hospital emergency departments were similarly analysed, as were the activities of nurses.

All of this resulted in a series of 9 technical reports summarising the diagnoses by READ codes, investigations by type, and prescriptions by ATC code, along with numerous breakdowns by demographics. The reports were published through the Ministry of Health.