Dr Barry Milne
COMPASS Director
+64 9 923 9168
Building 273, Room 201F

Fale Pasifika Complex, 20 Wynyard Street

COMPASS Research Centre
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


From 12 Grafton Road, outside the Owen G Glenn Building, walk through in front of the Arts 2 Building and down the stairs onto Wynyard Street. Ours is the L-shaped building to the right a little further on as shown below, Building 273. To enter, continue around to the far side, and come through the automatic door and up the stairs. We occupy the open plan area around to the right.

From 10 Symonds Street, walk down Charles Nalden Lane, which runs between the Human Sciences Building and the Music School. Turn right into Wynyard Street, walk along to Building 273, and enter as above.

The entrance to the Owen G Glenn carpark is on Grafton Road. To park beneath the Fale Pasifika, stay on the entrance level and drive through past the lifts and disability parks. There is a door to the lift up to Building 273 near the far end parks. Casual parking is available for $5 an hour on weekdays, and for a flat rate of $6 after 5pm.


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