Data Products

Knowledge Laboratory of the early life-course

Milne B, Chang K, Zhu T, Liu C, Shackleton N, von Randow M, Lay-Yee R, McLay J, Davis P (2017). Shiny application: Knowledge laboratory of the early life-course. Available at

The source code is stored in three places:


New Zealand Social Science Data Service (NZSSDS)

From 2007–2014, COMPASS maintained its own online data archive, with data sets and metadata available for download from a number of New Zealand surveys in the social sciences. Some of these had previously been described in the New Zealand Social Research Data Archive, which was run out of Massey University but was mainly out of commission by 2007. Similarly we shut down NZSSDS in 2014, as we did not have the resources to continue with the $US12,000 annual fee for the use of NESSTAR.

In 2015, most of our holdings were migrated to the University of Auckland's Figshare servers. Notable among the data we hold are the New Zealand Election Study (NZES) and the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) for New Zealand, and our association with these is more intimate, as COMPASS has been running the former since 2011, and the latter since 2013.

Professor Phil Gendall of Massey University ran the ISSP in New Zealand for 20 consecutive years, 1991–2010, but then retired; no survey was run in 2011 or 2012, and we decided to resurrect it in 2013, branding it as the Social Attitudes Survey New Zealand. 


Census birth cohort SURF

In 2013, one of COMPASS's microsimulation projects, Modelling the Early Life-Course (MEL-C), required a starting file to represent newborns in New Zealand. Dr Barry Milne created a synthetic unit-record file using the 2006 New Zealand Census of Population and dwellings - using composite individuals based on nearest neighbour matching methods. Following liaison with Statistics New Zealand, the data for 10,000 newborns, and their parents, created by this matching technique, were made available for research use. More information is availalble on the Statistics New Zealand website