COMPASS publications

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Journal articles

The backbone of any academic research centre. COMPASS staff have been involved in numerous journal publications over the years, with collaborators covering most of the projects on which we have worked.



Technical reports

COMPASS also has a firm history in publishing reports from its projects – formally around our wellbeing projects and early use of Statistics New Zealand's census microdata, and less so as adjuncts to our microsimulation projects, to explain our methodologies and rationales.


Coloured papers

Working papers

COMPASS has released a number of informal 'publications' just through the website here, enabling other researchers to look into the earlier conceptual workings around some of our projects over the years.


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Data products

COMPASS has released software tools and architecture structures for some of its microsimulation projects, as well as a synthetic base file of individuals, based on census records and available to other researchers via Statistics New Zealand.



Other publications

COMPASS has contributed to larger publications with book chapters and even the odd whole book to its name.