Socioeconomic Status and Wellbeing

The aim of this programme was to first refine the standard instrument that had previously been developed by the applicants for measuring socioeconomic status in New Zealand (the New Zealand Socioeconomic index or NZSEI), and then apply it, alongside gender and ethnicity, to the analysis of the socioeconomic patterning of wellbeing.

The early phase of the programme addressed methodological issues associated with both the classification of farmers (and other self-employed workers) and the incorporation into the scale of part-time workers and those outside the workforce.

The second phase of the programme applied the refined instrument to the analysis of the socioeconomic patterning of key indicators of wellbeing drawn from national survey data sets. During the final phase of this project, further analyses were conducted to examine the socioeconomic impact of gender and ethnicity on key wellbeing outcomes relative to the effect of the NZSEI.