Centre of Methods and Policy Application in the Social Sciences

An experienced team undertaking quantitative social science research of international standing and with policy relevance. Our vision is to undertake cutting-edge research to improve the lives of New Zealanders.

Who we are


A team of quantitative social scientists
and analysts based within the Faculty
of Arts at the University of Auckland.


COMPASS lives on Level 2 of the Fale
Pasifika Complex, 20 Wynyard Street.


We receive funding from New Zealand
research funding agencies, government
departments, University of Auckland
funding sources, and other funders.

What we do





We use simulation to model population
changes over time and to test
'what-if' scenarios.

Whole Population Data Analysis
We analyse data from the entire
New Zealand population, to understand
health and social functioning.


We conduct surveys for the
International Social Survey Programme
and New Zealand Election Study.



Research Methods Training
We run social science research methods
courses each year as the New Zealand
Social Statistics Network.

Social research projects


We work on a number of other projects as well, which do not fit so well in those categories.

Seminars & other events


We host seminars and other events on topics in the social sciences and statistics.

Student projects

Graduation_hats 2

We host students undertaking Honours and Masters theses, Summer Scholars each year, and PhD candidates.

Research publications

Research colloquia

PhD Conference 2017 (17)

We run annual colloquia showcasing our research to a public sector audience in Wellington.

Data archiving


We curate an online data repository of social sciences surveys conducted in New Zealand, now within the University's Figshare.

Advisory board


We maintain an Academic Advisory Board to guide COMPASS's overall strategic direction through biannual meetings.

Useful links


We work with a number of groups and organisations on different projects.