Welcome from the Dean

Robert Greenberg

I extend to you a warm welcome to New Zealand’s leading arts faculty. As Dean of this exceptional faculty, I believe that your studies will prove to be of enduring relevance in understanding the forces that shape the human condition, world cultures and modern societies. In fact, I am convinced that for New Zealand and the world, arts graduates are more essential than ever.

Your time in the Faculty of Arts will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to successfully navigate our exciting, complex and challenging world. It will transform you into an informed and influential global citizen possessing an intelligent and well-rounded understanding of the forces that influence our lives.

As an arts student you can engage with some of the critical issues we face today, such as global security and the influence of the media. You can learn to understand cultures, societies and ways of thinking that may be different from your own. You can gain a deep appreciation of the creative activities and cultural heritage that enrich our lives. Whether you choose to study the past or present, human societies, cultures, languages or creativity, you will find your study rewarding and inspiring.

You will also develop the essential skills you will need as a graduate in a dynamic and globalised employment market, including critical and creative thinking, effective communication skills, the ability to research and analyse, flexibility and global awareness. Your skills and knowledge will open doors to many career opportunities in the future, including those we cannot yet even begin to imagine.

Our graduates embark on an immense variety of career paths and often find success in unexpected roles and fields.

Come and take your place in our diverse community. I invite you to be inspired!