Authoritative overview of pragmatics published

06 April 2017
Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics

Professor Yan Huang of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics has brought together the world's most distinguished scholars in pragmatics in his latest publication, the Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics.

This handbook presents an authoritative, comprehensive, thorough and accessible survey of current original research in pragmatics — the study of language use in context.

Oxford University Press describes the handbook as "the best one-volume overview of the field ever published".

Pragmatics is one of the most vibrant and rapidly growing fields in linguistics and the philosophy of language. Reflecting this vibrancy, the handbook includes insights from cognitive science, computer science, psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Yan is one of the world's leading experts in pragmatics, and this publication adds to his suite of monographs and textbooks in the field, complementing, for example, his Pragmatics and the Oxford Dictionary of Pragmatics, both also published by Oxford University Press.

Yan obtained his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge, where he was supervised by Professor Stephen Levinson and taught personally by Professor Sir John Lyons, Professor Peter Matthews and Professor Nigel Vincent. He also holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, where he was influenced by Professor Dame Anna Morpurgo-Davies.

Prior to taking up his present position at the University of Auckland, Yan taught linguistics for twenty years at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and Reading, where he was Professor of Theoretical Linguistics.

His main research interests are in pragmatics, semantics and syntax, especially the pragmatics-semantics interface and the pragmatics-syntax interface including anaphora.

Oxford Handbook of Pragmatics