University takes on issues of global conflict

01 February 2017
Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies

We've introduced a new postgraduate programme with a focus on political violence and practical and ethical approaches to its prevention.

The Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies (MCTS) will address the global proliferation of terrorism and violence carried out in the name of religion or ideology, from radicalisation to civil war, attacks by lone terrorists to orchestrated mass killings.

It will appeal to those interested in careers in government and security, international organisations, policy making, peacekeeping, and post-conflict development.

"There’s no comparable programme in New Zealand that studies this important topic from such a range of different perspectives," says programme coordinator, Dr Chris Wilson.

"It will provide students with the knowledge and skills to propose solutions for actual political problems around the world."

Staff from across the Faculty of Arts are involved in the multi-disciplinary programme, including Politics and International Relations, History, Sociology and Media and Communication.

"We are lucky enough to have a large number of experts on our staff who are working on issues related to conflict, terrorism and prevention,” explains Chris.

Before joining the Faculty, Chris held professional roles in conflict analysis and prevention with the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and other international agencies.

He has been planning the programme since 2012. He says that students will benefit from the unique, and internationally recognised, perspective New Zealand brings to global issues of peace advocacy and social justice.

"Our country is known for ‘punching above its weight’ in the global arena and taking stances that promote peace which are not always popular with more powerful elites."

"This attitude means we are seen as a relatively tolerant environment that promotes debate, and allows for more open minded and diverse analyses of conflict, terrorism and peace."

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