Language students studying in Korea

24 January 2017
Korea University
Korea University

Three of our language students are spending the summer semester studying in Korea, thanks to the Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia.

Aaron Doung, Lisa Ru and Chantal Tse are currently undertaking language courses at Korea University.

Aaron describes the experience of studying in Korea as "awesome".

"From experiencing firsthand the culture and lifestyle of a country that I've always been interested in, to meeting new people and learning new things, the entire trip has been amazing thus far."

Lisa echoes this sentiment, saying that “studying abroad in Korea has given me many opportunities that cannot be found in New Zealand. I have been able to experience the daily culture, atmosphere and vibe of the Korean lifestyle.”

Aaron and Lisa both took their first Korean language course as part of the General Education component of their degrees. Aaron is now studying Korean alongside his Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science conjoint through our Certificate in Languages programme, and Lisa chose a Diploma in Languages to complement her Bachelor of Commerce.

Chantal is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Korean and Psychology. She says that studying in Korea is "more challenging than I ever expected".

"But the experience of living in a new environment, making new friends and enduring day-to-day difficulties has definitely improved my adaptability in Korea and my proficiency in the Korean language."

The Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia help New Zealand tertiary students study, research, or undertake an internship at top institutions in Asia from six weeks to two years.

Lisa explains that "being a BCom student studying for a DipLang in Korean, I wanted to be able to understand other business environments and focus towards building relationships.”

“From learning the language in the classroom to Korean culture out in Seoul’s city streets, my own understanding and ambitions have reached a new level.”

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