What I'm working on over summer: Genaro Oliveira

23 January 2017
Genaro Oliviera
Genaro and his students at the New Zealand Consulate-General in São Paulo

Dr Genaro Oliveira will be spending the summer in Brazil with a group of students from Art History; Latin American Studies; Media, Film and Television; and Politics and International Relations.

This study abroad trip will examine visual arts in Brazil, giving students access to the history, culture, politics and creative industries of the eighth largest economy in the world, the third most spoken European language, and the largest nation in Latin America.

Genaro teaches courses in the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture and history, and is excited to offer the opportunity for students to visit Brazil.

Genaro describes the tri-racial country as an "ethnic-cultural experiment", which the group will explore through more than 500 years of visual art in two of its cultural centres: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

They will be engaging with institutional and grass-roots views of arts right across the spectrum of high and popular cultures.

Alongside visiting museums, galleries and companies, the group will also meet with writers, musicians, visual artists, art collectives, film directors, activists and graffiti writers.

Genaro explains that “although there is a growing awareness of the central role played by Latin America in New Zealand trade, there is still much work to be done in preparing experts to take these relations to a more advanced level.”

“This trip offers students the chance to get familiar with one of the BRICS economies, in a strategic region for New Zealand.”

As well as being an emerging global powerhouse, Brazilians are also the largest Latin American community in New Zealand.

The importance of New Zealand’s relationship with Latin America was recognised by the recently-introduced Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Latin America, which are funding the trip.

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