Journal recognises undergraduate writing

14 November 2016
Managing Editors, Bhavin Parshottam and Miloni Trivedi.
Managing Editors, Bhavin Parshottam and Miloni Trivedi.

Have you ever written an impassioned essay and wished it could have a wider audience than just your tutor and lecturer?

Interesting Journal offers that opportunity. The peer-reviewed journal features work from undergraduate Arts students, celebrating the value of the BA and creating a space to share knowledge and experience.

"I became involved in Interesting Journal because I was inspired by the recognition the platform could provide for undergraduate students," says Executive Editor, Sean MacLean.

"It’s inspiring meeting students who can take their coursework to a higher level. Undergraduate students rarely receive recognition for the outstanding work they deliver in class and sometimes a great grade doesn’t quite give work the justice it deserves."

Interesting Journal is changing that. 

"It’s rewarding when you see the joy the author gets from realising that they can be cited in future essays because they are now published authors."

43 authors from across the Faculty of Arts have been published in the two editions of the journal this year.

"We are living in an era where industries are fast-evolving, where what people want is a guarantee that what they study will get them to a specific place in the world. But we all know that nothing in life stays constant. As Arts students, I argue that we are the best equipped to navigate a changing world, because what we get is a set of timeless skills; the ability to think critically, to engage with concepts which are affecting the world, and to express ourselves through the written and spoken word. These skills have limitless potential, and will never stop benefitting us no matter where we ultimately decide to take our degrees," says Executive Editor, Beth Owens.

Inspired by the success of Interesting Journal, the Faculty of Education and Social Work is looking to develop its own peer-reviewed publication of student work.

You can email to purchase a copy of your very own, or to find out more.