Can we change the future together?

12 October 2016
Can we...

The University of Auckland recently launched the fundraising campaign For All Our Futures to provide enhanced resources and strengthened capacity for us to ask audacious questions, and to be ambitious in our search for answers.

Our goal in the Faculty of Arts is to address some of the most complex challenges — and the greatest opportunities — of our time.

Tackling difficult questions is exactly what scholars in Arts are adept at doing. Through our research and teaching, we grapple with social issues that affect people from our own neighbourhood to places on the other side of the globe.

We’re learning from the past to understand the present and the future.

We’re working to safeguard New Zealand’s unique heritage, while shaping our country’s place in the world.

And we nurture and inspire our students, who will go on to lead lives in a world that is very different from our own.

Here are some of the questions that we are asking.

Can we create more stable, just and ethical societies so the most vulnerable people can prosper?

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts are working with disadvantaged groups in New Zealand and across the globe to make a positive change.

Our researchers are demonstrating that we can help to alleviate even the most challenging problems of our time.

Our proposed Centre for Development, Global Change and Social Justice will help to address the urgent need for high-quality, collaborative research that will have a positive impact on societies.

Can we draw on the humanities to understand and transform our world?

Our world needs the unique skills of those trained in the humanities to address our most complex questions. We must prepare today for a tomorrow that we cannot predict.

Our Auckland Research Centre for the Humanities is poised to enable innovative trans-disciplinary collaborations.

Can we ensure our students are confident global citizens who understand diverse cultures and societies?

Learning another language and culture is both enriching and transformative and enables adaptability and productivity in our complex global context. Some of our students in the School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics embark on study abroad or experiential programmes in countries across the globe to build on their studies in our faculty.

Our students will participate in a world that is more interconnected than ever before, and we need to invest in our young people so that they become connected global citizens ready to make a positive impact on multiple local and global challenges.

Will you be a part of our vision?

If you are interested in philanthropic support of the Faculty of Arts, you can contact our Development Manager, Anne Liddle at or +64 9 923 2309.