A man walks into a bar Event as iCalendar

(English, Drama and Writing Studies, School of Humanities)

23 May 2019 - 26 May 2019


Venue: Drama Studio, Te Puna Aronui / Humanities Building (206-325)

Contact info: Rina Kim

Contact email: rina.kim@auckland.ac.nz

Written by David Geary

A man walks into a bar. The woman ducks…

Two actors battle it out onstage. Their weapons? Jokes in the classic form of "A man walks into a bar...".
At first glance their interaction may seem bleak but as we dig deeper stories begin to unfold, and richly intimate moments escape from their cages. Original, entertaining and relatable this play is an intimate undressing of how complex a human relationship really is. More so, the best part is, you walk out ready for the bar, with a cavalry of brilliant jokes at the ready.

Presented by the University of Auckland Drama Programme, directed by Gary Hofman and performed by the wonderful Tate Fountain and Simon Gilchrist.

I’m not joking, you should come!

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