Up close and cultural: The influence of language and identity in risk perception Event as iCalendar

(Translation Studies, School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics)

30 April 2019


Venue: Pat Hanan Room, Te Puna Reo / Cultures, Languages and Linguistics Building (207-501)

Host: The Europe Institute

Contact email: m.abbenhuis@auckland.ac.nz

Federico Federici | University College London

Perception of risk is conditioned by emotive and cognitive responses. This seminar will analyse how multilingual societies can provide crucial information, with the purpose of mitigating real risks, in a language that many of their members cannot understand. Which research methods could foreground the importance of linguistic and cultural identities in defining risks and acting to mitigate their impact in multilingual societies?

Federico M. Federici is an associate professor in translation studies at University College London. His current research focuses on online translated news in Italy and the study of translation and translators' role in crises.