Autonomous language learning through tandem and coaching Event as iCalendar

(Faculty of Arts events, School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics)

10 December 2018

2 - 4pm

Venue: Pat Hanan Room (207-501)

Location: Cultures, Languages and Linguistics Building

Professor Emeritus Karin Kleppin | Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The concept of tandem learning is based on goals such as the development of autonomy and interculturality. Specific learning strategies and forms of interaction have been identified for putting this concept into practice, and a counsellor or coach has the possibility of supporting the learning processes in tandem.

In this workshop I will present the concept of coaching for language learning both for learning in tandem and learning in institutional and non-institutional contexts. We will go through one coaching simulation that will sensitise participants for the coaching process.

Karin Kleppin is Professor Emeritus in foreign language learning and teaching at the University of Bochum/Germany. Her research focusses on curriculum development, principles of language teaching, as well as coaching language learning and testing. She is a member of several national committees, advisory boards and organizations in the field of second language teaching.