Votive Poetics Workshop Event as iCalendar

(English, Drama and Writing Studies, Media, Film and Television, School of Humanities)

28 August 2018 - 29 August 2018

Venue: Conference Centre (423), Lecture theatre 342 and Seminar room 340

Location: Conference Centre, 22 Symonds Street

Host: Lisa Samuels

International academic visitors and a University of Auckland alum from Victoria University join University of Auckland academics from the Faculty of Arts and Creative Arts and Industries to perform and discuss creative research. 



Tuesday 28 August

3pm Performances | Presentations (Lecture theatre 423-342)

• Shed For Poetic Encounter/Radio Strainer - Alys Longley

• Bad miasma could almost be an anagram from academia - Ya-Wen Ho with Jill Varani

• On T.R.E.E. (Total Rare Earth Elements) - Carol Watts

4-45pm Drinks and nibbles in the Engineering Neon Foyer (401-400L4)
6-7.30pm  Performances | Presentations (Lecture theatre 423-342)

• Tomorrowland (director Wes Tank, 2017) - Lisa Samuels

• The Evolution of a Scene (and Learning to Make Better Mistakes) - Jake Mahaffy

• Truths from Flesh: An Experiment in Joy - Duriel E. Harris

Wednesday 29 August

10-11.30am   Participants discuss motives and techniques in their Creative Practice (Seminar room 423-340)
11.45am  LUNCH
1-2.15pm   Performances in the Conference (Centre Lecture Theatre (423-342))

• 5th body - Tru Paraha with Nancy J Wijohn, Jesse Quaid, Vicky Kapo, Anja Packham and Kosta Bogoievski

• Sail Walk Drown: The Wandering Texts of Sarah and Emily Harris - Michele Leggott, Makyla Curtis, Betty Davis

2.30-4pm   Participants discuss motives and techniques in their Creative Criticality (Seminar room 423-340)
4pm Symposium wrap-up and afternoon tea

Those planning to attend should RSVP with the Faculty Events Coordinator, Charlene Nunes via email at artsevents@auckland.ac.nz