Studying the future in the social sciences Event as iCalendar

(School of Social Sciences)

20 October 2017


Venue: Room 040C, OGGB (260-040C)

Dr Julie MacArthur, Politics and International Relations | Associate Professor Luke Goode, Media and Communication | Dr Steve Matthewman, Sociology

How do we engage with the future in the subjects we teach and research in the School of Social Sciences? Do we tend to focus on the history of the present at the expense of engaging with the future? Given our ‘critic and conscience’ role, what responsibility do we have to pose critical questions about the social, political, environmental and technological challenges and opportunities ahead? And when we do turn our heads towards the future, are we inclined to paint a bleak picture for ourselves and our students? Government and business may prefer that our teaching and research generate more optimistic visions of a clean, high-tech future. But we are not here simply to tell positive, inspiring or exciting stories about the future, nor to ‘future-proof’ our graduates. It is also our role to investigate, question and, where necessary, challenge the directions in which our society is heading. At the same time, do we give sufficient attention to potential solutions, be they social, political or technological, that might contribute to a more just, enriching and sustainable future?

Following short presentations by each of the speakers, the conversation will be opened up to all.

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