Baths, bubbles and better data Event as iCalendar

(COMPASS Research Centre)

11 September 2017

12 - 1pm

Venue: Room 104, Fale Pasifika Complex (273-104)

Contact info: Lara Greaves

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Website: COMPASS

Hannah Binnie, Adam Barker | Scarlatti Limited

Government departments, training providers, and industry bodies are all regular publishers of 'workforce analyses' – reports that seek to forecast the demand, and sometimes supply, for people and skills within an industry sector. These analyses typically focus on the total number of people required by an industry, but don’t tease out the implications for policy settings relating to areas like immigration and investment in tertiary training.

One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in modelling such interrelated processes as progression through career pathways, flows into a workforce from different recruiting pools, and the propensity of workers to leave an industry. Scarlatti has deployed two tools to make sense of the stocks and flows of people and skills in a workforce. The first is, of course, the IDI. The second is less well known in data research circles – a warm bubble bath.

Adam Barker is the director of Scarlatti Limited. Scarlatti is a management consultancy firm that works with organisations in the innovation sector and in primary industries. Adam's work has spanned business strategy and project management but a recent focus has been work relating to human capability in the primary sector.

Hannah Binnie is an associate at Scarlatti. She graduated from the University of Auckland last year with a Master of Science majoring in Statistics. Her areas of research have included the optimisation of rodent eradication assessments, and the catch composition of snapper in commercial longline fisheries.


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