The unity of theory and practice Event as iCalendar

(Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences)

11 April 2017

5 - 6pm

Venue: Old Government House Lecture Theatre

Location: Room G36, Old Government House (102-G36)

Inaugural lecture: Professor Martin Wilkinson

My doctorate was about the free choice of occupation in liberal and socialist political thought (it was not that gripping). My first book was on economic equality and incentives. My better book was on organ transplants. Now I work on obesity and on psychological manipulation.

This lecture will show how I got from there to here via an unlikely administrative role and a spell away from Politics at the School of Population Health.

I will talk about the problems that have kept me busy over the years: whether equality matters, whether people’s decisions about their own lives should be interfered with for their own good, and why we should care about what people want to happen to them after they die; and how the answers make a difference to policies for paying research subjects, getting organs for transplant, promoting health, and regulating and taxing to make people thinner.

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