Picturing politics Event as iCalendar

(School of Social Sciences, Media and Communication, Politics and International Relations)

14 March 2017


Venue: Room OGGB5, Owen G Glenn Building

Steve Bell with Sharon Murdoch and Chris Slane

For this panel, Steve Bell is joined by Sharon Murdoch, cartoonist for the Sunday Star Times, and Chris Slane, cartoonist for the New Zealand Listener to talk about their practice as cartoonists and how their ideas evolve when depicting a political event or story, as well as the ways in which practice evolves over time.

Pictures and images have always been important in the realm of politics, from the splendour of absolute monarchs to the brand management of modern day technocrats. Our panelists will explore how effective pictures can be as a mechanism for subverting and challenging the dominant political doctrine, and to what extent pictures offer greater immediacy and communicative power amid all the political chatter.