Data, development and sovereignty Event as iCalendar

(School of Social Sciences)

28 July 2016

4 - 5pm

Venue: Room 107, Fale Pasifika Complex (273-107)

Contact info:

Contact email: Martin von Randow

Website: COMPASS

Andrew Sporle, University of Auckland

Indigenous nations are already making use of big data to inform their own development. This presentation will outline the international and national contexts for indigenous data sovereignty, highlighting how these contexts  inform Maori aspirations about the governance and application of Maori data.  Maori organisations and individuals are already working in the 'big data' space, with Maori driven initiatives changing the collection, presentation and governance of data at the national and local level. These initiatives include new ways of measuring Maori outcomes in Auckland, a Maori GIS framework for official data, and an online tool for comparing outcomes and inequality between populations.

Andrew Sporle is a Maori researcher based in the Statistics Department at the University of Auckland, where he teaches in courses on survey methods, official statistics and statistical literacy. A former Maori research manager at the HRC, his current research interests include indigenous statistics, social inequities and the creation of tools for accessing and applying existing official data. Much of his research consulting work since 2000 has involved big data in the health and social sectors, including being part of the original development team for PRIMHD. He is a founding member of Te Mana Rauraunga and an organiser of the first Indigenous Open Data Summit in Madrid later in October 2016.

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