The Integrated Data Infrastructure: New Zealand’s bold data experiment Event as iCalendar

(School of Social Sciences)

03 June 2016

3 - 4pm

Venue: Room 104, Fale Pasifika Complex (273-104)

Contact info: Dr Barry Milne

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Website: COMPASS

Dr Barry Milne, University of Auckland

The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is a collection of de-identified administrative datasets (e.g. on health events, justice contacts, education enrolments, tax paid) that have been linked at the person-level for the whole New Zealand population. IDI is made available for research purposes only. Initial users of the IDI have tended to come from the government sector, though an increasing number of academic researchers are beginning to explore its use. In this talk I will describe the IDI, its construction, its legal and ethical underpinnings, the development of protections against privacy and confidentiality breaches, its uses, and its future.

Dr Barry Milne is a Senior Research Fellow and Associate Director of the COMPASS Research Centre.  He has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Otago, and a PhD in Psychiatric Epidemiology from Kings College London. His main interests are in longitudinal and life-course research, and in the use of large administrative datasets to answer policy and research questions.


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