Hood Lecture in Anthropology: Dynamic landscapes, sea-level change and human evolution Event as iCalendar

(Anthropology, School of Social Sciences)

31 March 2016

4 - 6pm

Venue: Fale Pasifika

Location: 26 Wynyard Street

Professor Geoff Bailey, University of York

Human life on this planet has evolved amidst a tumult of more or less rapid geological changes – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sea-level changes, and earth deformation at plate boundaries and in rifts, changes that continue to affect our present livelihood and our future prospects.

In this lecture, I will illustrate the intimate relationship between geological instabilities and the human evolutionary trajectory, the powerful and often beneficial impact they have had in shaping our evolutionary origins and subsequent dispersal across the globe, and the challenges they now pose for new investigations of the archaeological record on land and under water.

Space at the Fale Pasifika is limited, so please register to attend

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